About the CCO and CCOF

The non-profit Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma brings together conservation organizations and Oklahoma’s leadership for a relationship that focuses on wise conservation policymaking.

The Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma Foundation is a 501(c)(3) that encourages people to enjoy outdoors pursuits so they will become more interested and involved in conservation and the natural environment.

What the CCO does

  • hires two lobbyists, one center-left and one center-right, to foster a bipartisan approach for sound conservation policies
  • fosters a broad outdoors community voice for common-sense conservation policies
  • raises awareness of critically important conservation issues for lawmakers and citizens alike

What the CCOF does

  • helps people understand conservation challenges and embrace ethical approaches to wildlife and the environment
  • supports programs that encourage young people to connect with nature and learn about wildlife and habitat
  • joins with member organizations to help them connect with a broader audience and encourage more participation in the great outdoors

The Coalition’s partnerships include agricultural and conservation organizations and other non-profit organizations.  We regularly work with the state departments of Wildlife Conservation, Agriculture, Environmental Quality, the Oklahoma Water Resources Board, as well as civic groups and municipal organizations.

The CCO and CCOF are partner organizations of the National Wildlife Federation.