About the Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma Foundation (CCOF) and the CCO

About the Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma

Coalition members saw the need to create a Foundation

The Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma Foundation (CCOF), a 501(c)3 non-profit, was founded by members of the Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma (CCO) in order to raise awareness about conservation in the state of Oklahoma.  Our state’s habitat and biota are the most diverse in the Union, so there is a lot to learn!insect-bee-pollen-indiana-mark-brinegar

Beyond marshaling the influence of diverse conservation organizations for political strength, coalition members saw the need to foster awareness and public involvement in the great outdoors.

The CCOF is in touch with conservation leaders statewide and that puts us in a key position of awareness. Many of our state’s media companies can no longer afford to employ reporters dedicated to balanced reporting on the environment, conservation issues, outdoors and wildlife education. Stories we provide through an independent an journalist are distributed to news organizations statewide for their use free of charge.

The CCOF also looks forward to the possibility of developing outdoor classrooms, as well as working with public education and other organizations to promote getting kids and adults outdoors. These opportunities will, in part, come from grants to those organizations which allow them to increase conservation awareness and an understanding of the natural world and habitat in the state.  

In addition, the CCOF will work to increase outreach on conservation issues, including water quantity and quality issues, creating opportunities for profitable agriculture and good habitat on private lands, habitat and species issues including the recovery of critical pollinators and species such as the monarch butterfly which is currently imperiled.

Both CCO and CCOF partnerships include agricultural and conservation organizations and other non-profit organizations.  We regularly work with the state departments of Wildlife Conservation, Agriculture, Environmental Quality, the Oklahoma Water Resources Board, as well as civic groups and municipal organizations.

What is the CCO?
The Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma —
a 501(c)4 non-profit — brings together conservation organizations and Oklahoma’s leadership for a relationship that focuses on wise conservation policymaking. Learn more and donate to its work HERE.

What the CCO does

  • hires two lobbyists, one center-left and one center-right, to foster a bipartisan approach for sound conservation policies
  • fosters a broad outdoors community voice for common-sense conservation policies
  • raises awareness of critically important conservation issues for lawmakers and citizens alike

What the CCOF does

  • reports on conservation developments to help people understand conservation challenges and encourage people to embrace ethical approaches to wildlife and the environment
  • supports programs that encourage young people to connect with nature and learn about wildlife and habitat
  • joins with member organizations to help them connect with a broader audience and encourage more participation in the great outdoors

Meet Kelly Bostian: Why a reporter works for the CCOF

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The CCO and CCOF are partner organizations of the National Wildlife Federation.