State looks for clues in wild turkey DNA

May 21, 2022

Predation, habitat loss, and bad weather all are suspects in the decline of Oklahoma’s wild turkeys, but the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is looking inward as well—at turkey DNA.

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Continued caution urged around bird flu outbreak

April 26, 2022

Oklahoma officials aren’t ready to recommend residents take down backyard bird feeders to stem the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza. However, they are urging caution as such guidelines are being seen in northern states.

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Monarch migration off to a shaky start

April 22, 2022

‘Egg dumping’ is a sign of too little milkweed available due to cool weather By KELLY BOSTIANFor the CCOF Migrating monarch butterflies are dumping on Oklahoma these days. They’re not being critical, just doing something a little worrisome. This happens to some degree every year but some years are worse than others. Lingering cold and…

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Wastewater variance bill worries water-quality watch groups

April 15, 2022

HB 3824 gives DEQ the ability to give industry, water treatment plants a temporary pass By KELLY BOSTIANFor the CCOF Water-quality watchers raised alarms this week saying the state’s favorite scenic river could be threatened as the state legislature moves to pass a rule change sought by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. A closer…

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House bill reveals issues with poultry litter plans

March 27, 2022

As large-scale poultry houses multiplied the past five years, regulatory agencies saw cutbacks, and federal environmental rules changed.

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