Oklahoma Legislative Update Slideshow

Legislative Update 2017

June 19, 2017

The legislative session for 2017 is over and on behalf of the Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma (the Coalition) member organizations and board of directors, we are pleased to present the legislative update.  Gwendolyn Caldwell with Caldwell and Associates did a great job representing our interests at the Capitol this session and we are glad to…

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House Bill 2132 Oklahoma

House Bill 2132 Has Been Defeated

April 17, 2017

Last week, House Bill 2132 failed to receive a hearing in the Senate Rules Committee and is now considered dormant! HB2132 was considered by the Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma to be a bill that reflected the poor values of State Question 777, favoring large corporations over individual citizens, landowners and wildlife. Had it passed, HB2132…

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Oklahomans Reject State Question 777

November 9, 2016

On Nov. 8, Oklahomans rejected State Question 777, reinforcing their position that water resources and ability to govern themselves is more important than creating unnecessary changes to the state constitution. Many groups came together to stand against this issue and without this strong and active coalition, the state of Oklahoma would have created an essentially unregulated…

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Three Oklahoma Legislators Explain Why They Oppose SQ777

November 4, 2016

Three Southeast Oklahoma Legislators Explain Why They Oppose SQ 777: Proposal Fails to Define ‘Compelling State Interest,’ Contains Retroactive Provision, Concerns about Water Rights Three members of the state House of Representatives came out against the so-called “right to farm” proposal Monday. Reps. Brian Renegar and Donnie Condit, both McAlester Democrats, and Rep. James Lockhart, a Heavener…

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Rancher Sue Selman Opposes SQ777

October 27, 2016

Sue Selman is a third-generation rancher from Harper County, Oklahoma and runs Selman Ranch. The following appeared in the Woodward News regarding State Question 777: My name is Sue Selman and I live on a centennial ranch in Harper County. I love Oklahoma and our western lifestyle, which includes farming and ranching. At the same…

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