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Together we are stronger

The Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma (CCO), is a 501(c)4 non-profit dedicated to bringing conservation organizations together and working with the Oklahoma legislature to develop sound conservation policy and ensure that legislation that has a negative impact on wildlife and habitat is defeated.

The CCO’s first challenge focused on a Right To Farm question that was soundly defeated at the polls.

The CCO contracts with two lobbyists working each session—one center-right, one center-left—to advocate for bipartisan solutions to thorny issues and defenses against dangerous ideas. The CCO’s member groups have advocated for clean water, pushed for better public lands use and access, and defeated legislation that would have markedly changed hunting, fishing and public lands across our state.

CCO members also created the Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma Foundation, (CCOF) a 501(c)3 non-profit, to share conservation news and information about Oklahoma’s great outdoors and to help get more people involved in outdoors activities and aware of the importance of wildlife and habitat.

In addition to developing a strong advocacy program, the CCO is dedicated to advancing conservation education. We must have the next generation of conservationists to preserve Oklahoma’s natural resources.

The CCO is dedicated to:

  • providing a unified voice for common-sense conservation policy
  • creating opportunities for citizens and lawmakers to become more aware of conservation issues that are critically important to our state’s future
  • taking on dangerous legislation whenever it arises
  • contracting with two state lobbyists, one center-left and one center-right, to foster a bipartisan approach for sound conservation policies

Oklahoma State Capitol - Flags waving
Oklahoma state flags in front of the Capitol.

Looking for the Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma Foundation and its work in outdoors education and sharing the best of Oklahoma? Click here for more CCOF information.

Check out our news feed featuring recent conservation and legislative news, features and thoughts from our coalition members. Look for opportunities to work with our partners to further conservation education and activism for wildlife.

The Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma is an affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation.

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