Conservation groups applaud Biden selections for Interior, EPA leadership

Leadership of the National Wildlife Federation, Trout Unlimited and the National Audubon Society lauded President-elect Joe Biden’s picks for leaders of federal lands and wildlife agencies this month.

Those lauded choices include U.S. Rep. Deb Haaland, (D-N.M) to lead the Department of the Interior and North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality Secretary Michael S. Regan to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.

“We congratulate Rep. Haaland and Secretary Regan on these historic nominations, and we look forward to working with both of them and their agencies to care for and recover our country’s natural resources,” said Chris Wood, president and CEO of Trout Unlimited.

“For hunters and anglers, businesses, and communities that rely on clean water and healthy, well-managed public lands, the decisions made by leaders at Interior and EPA are crucial.”

Chris wood, President & CeO, Trout unlimited

“For hunters and anglers, businesses, and communities that rely on clean water and healthy, well-managed public lands, the decisions made by leaders at Interior and EPA are crucial. Our natural resources face many challenges, including climate change, drought, the impacts of energy development, and equitable access for all citizens. We look forward to working with the Biden administration to roll back rules that weakened protections for streams and forests, and to advance bipartisan policies that protect and restore fish and wildlife habitat,” he said.

National Wildlife Federation President and CEO Collin O’Mara said Regan will position America as a leader in developing an inclusive clean energy economy and charting a new course where frontline communities and those ignored throughout history are heard and have access to opportunity.

“Following four years of historic environmental and public health rollbacks, we’re proud to see that President-elect Joe Biden has chosen a leading voice for health protections, environmental stewardship, and climate action to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. We’re looking forward to working with Secretary Regan to support his work to restore the EPA and revive its commitment to safeguarding all Americans,” he said.

The Wildlife Federation stated that the historic decision to nominate Haaland to lead the U.S. Department of the Interior is a clear sign the new administration is deeply committed to tackling America’ wildlife and climate crises and authentically engaging with Native American Tribes and Indigenous communities.

Haaland, who would be the first Native American member of a presidential Cabinet and the first Native American leader of the Interior Department, has been a champion for investing in conservation solutions. She is one of 185 co-sponsors of the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act and has been a leading voice for keeping faith with the Interior Department’s mission, the Federation reported.

“Americans cherish their public lands and the clean water and habitat they provide, but these natural treasures are at risk. President-elect Biden’s innovative climate plan will conserve our public lands and waters, restore wildlife populations, and honor our Tribal commitments. By nominating Representative Deb Haaland, President-elect Biden is signaling that his administration is committed to delivering for future generations through his bold agenda,” O’Mara said. “The challenges our public lands face are too important for any delays. The U.S. Senate should swiftly take up her historic nomination, so she can get to work.”

National Audubon Society posted a release lauding Haaland as an incredible leader and advocate for public lands and crucial waterways.

Our public lands and waters are in urgent need of new vision and investment to help communities and natural spaces build resilience in the face of a changing world,” Yarnold said. “We stand ready to help the next Secretary accomplish the promise and potential of this moment by making our public lands and waters part of the solution rather than adding to the challenges of the climate crisis. We urge the Senate to quickly confirm Rep. Haaland for Secretary of the Interior so that our grandchildren can experience a healthy environment and the sublime joys of the natural world.”

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