It is important that Oklahoma’s young people experience the outdoors like their parents and their grandparents were able to.  We need to encourage them to hunt and fish, hike and canoe and experience nature.  It will help them grow and keep them healthy.

We need to encourage grownups to get outdoors, or to return to the outdoors, too.

The Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma is dedicated to supporting programs of our coalition members that get young people outdoors and educate them about wildlife, habitat, and conservation.

Groups interested in approaching the CCO about support and help with educational programs can contact us via email at

The CCO will work to create conservationists that enjoy the outdoors and appreciate nature but also fight for it. Ultimately the CCO will encourage activism and ensure that wildlife has the needed resources and that activities like hunting and fishing and camping are available to future generations.

In partnership with the National Wildlife Federation’s Garden for Wildlife program, the CCO is working to increase habitat for backyard wildlife species and to protect pollinator populations. You can help by creating your own backyard habitat!

You can make a difference by inviting wildlife back to your own yard or neighborhood by planting a simple garden that involves five key elements: Food, Water, Cover, Places to Raise Young & Sustainable Practices.

We encourage Oklahomans to join others who have created more than 200,000 Certified Wildlife Habitats and to turn their yard into thriving habitats for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife through the Garden for Wildlife program.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the program and how to get your certification.

The CCO is proud to support Okies for Monarchs, the Oklahoma Monarch & Pollinator Collaborative. The mission of the collaborative is to educate, engage, and support Oklahomans in the creation, protection, and enhancement of suitable habitats (including milkweed, other host plants, and nectar sources) for monarchs and other pollinators throughout our state.

If you are interested in supporting the efforts to educate Oklahomans and increase habitat for Monarchs and pollinators, please consider learning more about this important collaborative.

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A male monarch on antelope horn milkweed.