Oklahoma City Formally Opposes SQ777

On Aug. 30, the City of Oklahoma City discussed a resolution against State Question 777 (SQ777), citing a negative impact on property rights within city limits and water quality.

Under the provisions of SQ777, if approved, Oklahoma City’s efforts to guarantee access by its citizens to high-quality and ample quantity of water, and efficient and appropriate delivery systems and any such efforts by the City could result in extensive and expensive litigation against The City of Oklahoma City merely because it is attempting to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of its residents.

The Mayor and Council of The City of Oklahoma City urge all registered voters within Oklahoma City, before casting their votes on SQ777, to carefully study and consider all the potential adverse effects of SQ777 on the health, safety and welfare of Oklahoma City residents.

During the September 13 meeting in Oklahoma City, the city council formally passed the resolution and taking the stance against State Question 777 and encouraging citizens to not just do their research on the state question, but to vote no on Nov. 8. From Tulsa’s News on 6:

According to the opposition letter released by the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG), municipalities are worried about issues like water and soil quality. Other metro area city officials have said they’re worried about eminent domain issues from large farming companies and an inability to protect the cities through regulation.

Click here to view the full resolution.

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