clean water

Judge rejects poultry farm water permits

September 3, 2022

District Judge Barry Denney heard the two cases against the Water Board. In both, he ruled to nullify water-use permits issued to large poultry farms.

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Clean-water advocates worry as DEQ adopts new duties

July 27, 2022

DEQ takes on new rulemaking powers with funding yet to be approved By KELLY BOSTIANFor the CCOF The state’s most recognized non-profit water quality advocate painted a dire picture for Oklahoma’s scenic rivers Tuesday as the state’s Department of Environmental Quality entered an emergency rulemaking process that revealed it is in an awkward period. Save…

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Legislature votes to protect Glover River

April 28, 2022

Oklahoma’s only free-flowing natural river will forever remain that way if Gov. Kevin Stitt signs a bill passed this week by the state legislature.

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Inhofe votes with majority for $1.4 billion wildlife act

April 7, 2022

Aimed at boosting state, tribal, and territorial conservation efforts with $1.4 billion annually, it is seen as a way to ease the growing numbers of threatened wildlife headed for listing under the federal Endangered Species Act.

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House bill reveals issues with poultry litter plans

March 27, 2022

As large-scale poultry houses multiplied the past five years, regulatory agencies saw cutbacks, and federal environmental rules changed.

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